I really don't know how to start this Blog Post . Well Anyways Ate Misha just performed like she has her own CD and the Kuyas will play it and she will perform her program, so some of my friends skated around the cones after she perform :)
and then suddenly a group of people or the people watching us gone wild screaming, running, pushing and panicking. We're like what ? is there a celebrity ? a Hollywood celebrity ? and then they said there was a Gun Shooting thats happening at that time so me and my friend skated all the way to the exit as well as the public skaters everybody was so scared and nervous. So when we already sat down I began removing my skates but then i saw some skaters inside the rink so i tied my skates again but then we heard a gunshot then everybody start running okay so i untied my skates this time and me and my mom and Angel run towards the exit and they closed the entrance and exit. Some public skaters are still wearing their helmets some are still wearing socks and some our crying .. its so sad to watch cause we can't do anything. People are running in the music hall , me and my mom are staying at the skating rink building well outside so we moved by at the vallet parking and hid there yeah.. with some people. People panicked 2 times while we're staying there so there's police and everything.. (Police have cordoned off Pacific Drive at MOA Complex following the shooting incident. --report from Eric Dastas, Ricky Velasco, and Junry Hidalgo, DZMM ) . My brother wouldn't be able to pick us up there so my mom decided to pick us up at vikings which is very far but if you're nervous and things like that you wouldn't think that way you would just think about your safety. While we're passing thru the stalls ex . Timezone , Mang Inasal , Jollibee and others they were looking at us . Some people continued  eating ,  Some are confused,  Well some food are left "untouched"   so we walked our way to Vikings (from the Skating Rink => Vikings )which was very far , really.. and we got a little tiny chat with 2 Chinese-Filipino Mother and Son who was about to watch "Captain America" but then they said its still a bit early so they stroll first and was about to enter a jewelry shop they said they we're one step closer to the shop when people started panicking (but its not the place of robbery) So they started running they were about to go to Microtel but they saw people running towards them its like (They =>  <=Them) and thats the time we met them , If you just hear the untold stories that people experienced that time..

Its so Scary.. if you guys just saw the whole thing you'll be so like : What's happening ? cause we're like looking at them for 30 secs. thinking why are they pushing, screaming and etc.

Theres a bunch of people running outside while we're inside the skating rink after 3 mins. of them running and I reached my seat you wouldn't see anybody at the terra nova part it looks like its closing time.

to be honest i thought it was an earthquake or tsunami well well idk idk okay or kathryn bernardo , Hollywood Celebrity but of course not all of those people know such celebrities I mean you know that they panic like that.

At first Me and my friends were looking at them dumbfounded and then when we realized theres a gun shooting thats happening at that time we skated all the way to the exit.

Its A Very Unforgettable Experience Indeed

God Bless All and Stay Safe :)


  1. OMG That's scary! I used to skate at MOA every Sunday but switched to mega since its nearer. I hope everyone's safe!

    1. It really is , we're so shocked because of what happened , I skate at megamall too haha Hope to see ya around ! , i don't know what really happened but i hope nobody got hurt ..


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