#TriciaGosingtianStyleBook Signing at MOA

     Ever Since I started Blogging Ive been a Fan of Tricia Gosingtian already ! I got inspired and as the time goes by I've known many more Unique and Fashionable Bloggers Like Kryz Uy , Laureen Uy, Camille Co and Ofcourse Ate Vern and Ate Verniece Enciso !! .
Back to the Unforgettable Last Book Signing of Tricia Gosingtian Ohgosh I was so Starstrucked (YES !) She gave some short Intro about her book and how she started blogging I was so amazed about her story and it boost my Confidence.
     When She started signing books I was like feeling adrenaline Rush, though I'm still at #30. So when it was my turn already I talked to her Ohmygosh she's very humble and very pretty !!. I told her that I know Ate Verniece from Skating and talked some other stuffs ( to be honest I don't want that moment to end) My supportive Mom was with Me by the way (Thanks Mom !) , Picture Time So after that I asked for a Hug I was so HAPPY Like it was one of the Best Day of My Life (3/8/14 The Day that I will never forget) I Hugged Tricia Gosingtian ! (Well #NotSorry for Exaggerating Don't judge though).   I wish I can meet her again soon.

She RTed My Tweet 3x !!!
Thank You for being an Inspiration to Me , I Love you So much ! , Keep Rockin' !!

AHH <3 I'm so Cryin , can we go back in time ?

Like Can we Just offer a 1 minute Silence to appreciate this Beautiful Moment

With the Very Pretty Host  : Janeena 
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